Our family bought our small farm in 2009.  We started our goat herd with a grade doe named Bonnie and her 3 doelings Mary-Jane, Isabella, and Ellenor.  When our oldest son came of the age to participate in 4H we ventured out into the registered nigerian world.  We purchased our first bottle kids Cleopatra and Silky.  And the love just bloomed.  They spent their first few months in our home kicking up their heels, preforming amazing feats of goat tricks(I will never forget Cleo coming down the stairs on just her front feet). 


Our farm has come along way since those early days of goat keeping.  Our love of goats has expainded into other breeds of dairy goats.  In 2013 we purchased 3 standard dairy goats, 2 alpine does and 1 nubian doe.  Our milk pails runnith over.


In addition to dairy goats we also raise chickens predominetly bantams and "easter eggers".  A breeding flock of turkeys Narragansett, Royal Palms, Blue Slate, and Red Bourbans.  We maintain a rabbitry with Californian does and Flemish cross buck. 


In 2015 turkey poults will be available for purchase, you can place reservations now.  Chicks will also be available.  And if you are interested in guinea pigs we raise those too!


We sell fresh raw goat milk.  Bring your own container, otherwise a $2 jar fee will be applied.  $3 quart, $5 half gallon, $8 gallon.